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Barry Beget, DDS

American Assoc. of State Highway
and Transportation Officials



"The Motivator"

"Your keynote presentation generated rave reviews from the members of our group. Your insights on leadership and winning systems in organizations, and your powerful and entertaining deliver of that information, touched our delegates and set a very positive, focused theme for the balance of our conference."

Patrick J. Lynch
Executive Director
Special Districts Assoc. of Oregon



"The Facilitator"

"You were the absolute secret to the success of our quality workshop in Phoenix last month. I can't tell you how much I appreciate both your leadership and passionate participation in our charter meeting of the Standing Committee on Quality. You took executives from every state in the Union and made a team of us, allowing us to be all we could be."

Larry S. Bonine
Director of Transportation
State of Arizona



"The Coach"

"I'm pleased and excited to tell you that 1996 was the best year that Lone Star Northwest has ever had, increased sales, increased profits, increased enthusiasm and increased employee commitment to our goal of being recognized as the best construcion materials supplier in the country... We will continue to use many of your teambuilding principles, tools and stories as we continue our efforts to be even more successful in 1997.

James A. Repman, President
Lone Star Northwest, Inc.


Bill Ballester will personally create a tailored program for you and your team, sharing actual methods that have made winners out of every team he has ever coached!


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