Committee Chairman
Larry Bonine
Arizona Department
of Transportation


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April 13, 1994



Dear Bill:

You were the absolute secret to the success of our quality workshop in Phoenix last month. I can't tell you how much I appreciate both your leadership and passionate participation in our charter meeting of the Standing Committee on Quality. You took executives from every state in the Union and made a team of us, allowing us to be all we could be. The ideas we generated, the goals and objectives we came up with were nothing short of miraculous. Your technique of team building and facilitating allowed it to happen.

I have received many letters and cards from my counterparts across the United States, complimenting Arizona on putting on such a fine show. Without fail, they credit you as the major factor in our unqualified success. I really appreciate how hard you worked and your personal commitment to helping us get off on the right foot.

I learned a lot watching you and have since been able to use some of the things you showed us to great advantage in our Department. You really have a talent for getting people to excel, to get the best ideas and in an atmosphere of fun and wholesome human fellowship. It is obvious that you enjoy your work; a person could not display so much energy, so much enthusiasm and excitement if they did not. You are an absolute pleasure to work with and we look forward here in Arizona to seeing you a lot more. We have great teams but we all need a coach, and you Coach, are extraordinary. I am glad we know you.



Larry S. Bonine
Director of Transportation


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