MSC Manager/Postmaster
520 Willamette St.
Eugene, OR 97401-9998


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August 26, 1992


Dear Bill:

I want to personally thank you for the significant contributions you have made to our efforts to build a new management approach in our part of the Postal Service.

Your approach to teamwork made a lasting impression on the 200-plus managers, supervisors, and union leaders who attended your sessions. We're still talking about "no upside down trucks," "sameness," and "speaking your dream."

Because of your effective "coaching," we have made real, lasting changes to the management style here. Thank you for having that positive impact on our managers and union leaders.

Thank you also for the ideas and challenges you provided me personally as I sought the best ways to implement changes here. You made me rethink old ideas, helped me generate new ideas, challenged me to go further, and supported my thinking when I needed that. You also, importantly, made me realize how important it is to "speak your dream."

You made a wonderful contribution to the future of this business with your teamwork sessions and your personal consultation with me and the directors.



Suzanne J. Henry


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