Lone Star Northwest, Inc.
P.O. Box 1730
Seattle, WA 98111


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February 3, 1997


Dear Bill:

I'm pleased and excited to tell you that 1996 was the best year that Lone Star Northwest has ever had, increased sales, increased profits, increased enthusiasm and increased employee commitment to our goals of being recognized as the best construction materials supplier in the country.

I want to thank you for the fifteen months that you spent here at Lone Star Northwest working with me and our employees.

Your knowledge about creating winning teams, combined with your enthusiasm and ability to express your thoughts and ideas in a way that all of us can relate to, contributed greatly to our success. Success requires a vision of what can be done, a plan to get there, and teamwork to get it done. Lone Star has a vision and a plan and you have helped us pull our people together into an effective team.

We may not be the best construction material supplier in the country - yet; but we are well on our way. In December we were selected as one of the 20 Best Companies in Oregon to work for by the Daily Journal of Commerce.

We will continue to use many of your teambuilding principles, tools and stories (no upside down trucks) as we continue our efforts to be even more successful in 1997.

Thank you again for your contributions and commitment to me, Lone Star Northwest, our employees and to our industry.

I will look forward to continuing our friendship and business association.



James A. Repman


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