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July 28, 1997


Dear Bill:

Thank you for the outstanding presentation at our annual Customer Appreciation event. Your knowledge, enthusiasm and sincerity on "TeamBuilding and Winning" made for an effective and interesting presentation.

We took somewhat of a risk by bringing in an outside speaker and changing our previous format. I am delighted to say that our customers viewed this change as positive, and encouraged us to continue this format next year. Much of our event's success was due to your effort. In addition to the great message you delivered, you did an excellent job of relating to our customers and being "one of them". The examples you used and the stories you told involving family, business and sports were moving and very relative. I received many favorable comments and would like to share one which came in a thank you letter - "when I first realized I was going to sit through a two hour presentation, I wished I had not arrived that early. But after experiencing his talk I definitely walked away with a feeling of getting back in touch with myself in regards to the team effort."

I believe all of our customers left with a new outlook or renewed interest in team building and winning. Thank you again for an outstanding job.


Best personal regards,

Michael F. Roth

Vice President-Sales and Marketing


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