Bill Ballester acknowledges the following coaches for their contribution in the development of "The Principles of Winning Systems."

After I left the coaching ranks at the University of Oregon, I still constantly asked the question,
"Why do some leaders always win... and others don't?

To find the answers to these questions, we interviewed 100 of the nation's most successful, winningest coaches. We talked to male and female coaches, coaches of age group teams, coaches of high school, college, Olympic and professional teams. We talked to coaches from 11 different sports, to find out why and how they won?

Here are some of the coaches we talked with:

John Wooden - Men's Basketball, UCLA
Pete Newell - Men\' s Basketball, UC Berkeley
Marv Harshman - Men's Basketball, University of Washington
Jerry Tarkenian - Men's Basketball, University of Nevada at Las Vegas
Lute Olson - Men's Basketball, University of Arizona
Linda Sharp - Women's Basketball, University of Southern California
Joan Bonvicini - Women's Basketball, Long Beach State Univ.
Bob Boyd - Men's Basketball, University of Southern California
Morgan Wooten - Men's Basketball, Dematha High School, Baltimore, Maryland
Chris Gobrecht - Women's Basketball, Univ. of Wash.
Elwin Heiny - Women's Basketball, University of Oregon
Lou Campanelli - Men's Basketball, UC Berkeley
Bruce O'Neal - Men's Basketball, University of Hawaii and Hawaii Volcanoes (CBA)
Jim Harrick - Men's Basketball, UCLALaural Tindall - Women's Gymnastics, Seattle Pacific University
Henretta Heiny - Women's Gymnastics, University of Oregon
Bill Ballester - Men's Gymnstics, University of Oregon
Edwin Peery - Wrestling, United States Naval Acadamy
Ron Finley - Wrestling, University of Oregon
Dick Mulvihill - Men's and Woman's Gymnastics, the Gymnastics Acadamy, Eugene, Oregon
Peter Korman - Men and Women's Gymnastics, United States Naval Acadamy
John Dragge - Men's Gymnastics, Long Beach City College

Dick Harter - Charlotte Hornets
Rod Dedeaux - Men's Baseball, University of Southern California
John Scolinos - Men's Baseball, Cal Poly Pamona
Bobo Brayton - Men's Baseball, Washington State University
Norv Ritchie - Men's Baseball, University of Oregon
Judi Garman - Women's Softball, Cal State Fullerton
Becky Sisley - Women's Softball, University of Oregon
Sid Gillman - NFL Football, San Diego Chargers
Don James - Football, University of Washington
Terry Donahue - Football, UCLA
Jack Patera - NFL Football, Seattle Seahawks
Len Casanova - Football, University of Oregon
Ken Morrow - Football, Age Group, Eugene, Oregon
Bill Dellinger - Men's Track and Field, University of Oregon
John Chaplain - Men's Track and Field, Univ. of Wash.
Bob Larson - Men's Track and Field, UCLA
Terry Crawford - Women's Track and Field, University of Texas
Bev Rouse - Women's Track and Field, University of Arkansas
Bev Kearney - Women's Track and Field, University of Florida
Stan Huntsman - Men's Track and Field, University of Texas
Tom Heinonen - Women's Track and Field, University of Oregon
Loren Seagraves - Women's Track and Field, Loisiana State University
Ted Banks - Men's Track and Field, University of Texas at El Paso
Ron Alice - Men's Track and Field, Long Beach City College
Linda Mulvihill - Men's and Women's Gymnastics, The Gymnastics Acadamy, Eugene, Oregon
Dick Wolfe - Men's Gymnastics, Cal State Fullerton

Exactly what do these coaches have that other coaches do not?
We invite you to contact us and find out how to apply the
Winning Strategies
of these coaches to your business environment.