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Why Bill Ballester?
He knows how to win!

Bill Ballester is one of the most effective coaches in the country.

The same enthusiasm and intensity that carried him to the pinnacle of success in the world of athletics is creating similar results in the world of business!

Bill has made the transition from University of Oregon professor and one of the nations's premier gymnastic coaches to a nationally known speaker and leader in the field of TeamBuilding. Whether coaching an award-winning gymnastics team, or a profit-oriented business team, Bill has the expertise and dynamic ability to help your organization identify and achieve it's goals as a team.

Bill brings the same enthusiasm and intensity to the field of organizational development and leadership training that he did to the coaching career that earned him Hall of Fame Honors, that made him twice NCAA Coach of the Year, USA Team Coach, President of the National High School Coaches Association and gave him a lifetime winning percentage of 88%. Bill feels as if he is again coaching: coaching business leaders in how to create highly productive organizations, how to skillfully lead a team of individuals, and how to win.

Bill has worked with the U.S. Dept. of Transportation as their national spokesman for team building. His program of winning principles enabled the U.S. Dept. of Transportation to provide even better services to their customers, the American public. He's shared his thoughts with the U.S. Postal system and the U.S. Forest Service. His private industry clients include: Weyerhaeuser, the American Dental Association,
the American Family Life Assurance Co., Kaiser Permanente, and Lone Star Northwest.

Bill's commitment to excellence is contagious.

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